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Salvation Army, apparently wants no donations?

I'm in the middle of moving, and I called Salvation Army to set up an appointment for them to come pick up my stuff (mainly furniture, I have a mattress, a dresser, lots of clothes, a table and chair set, fabric, etc.) so it could be donated and I could get money I could mark off my taxes next year.

They say OK! and set up an appointment for two days later (that is, today) at 11:30.

We move everything downstairs so it would be easier for them to take out, and 11:30 comes and goes. At noon I call them, asking where they are.

"Oh, hold on, I'll check with her."
I can hear the person who answered the phone talk to her manager through a set of walkie-talkies, and I hear:

"You had an appointment at 11:30 today for pickup."
"Oh right. I don't want to go to Plymouth. Tell her, I don't know, that the guy got caught in traffic, or something happened and he couldn't show up, or whatever."

The person who answered gets back on the phone, "I'm sorry, but they're not going to be able to come out today, the guy had other stuff to do. Would you like to reschedule for next Wednesday?"

I tell her no (I and my stuff won't be here next week), and ask why they couldn't call if they couldn't come out. The person on the phone says they don't have anything to do with the pickups, and would I like it if her manager called me?

Yes, please.

It's been half an hour with no call, and I doubt there will ever be one, considering how she just blew off the appointment like that. So now I have to figure out what to do with all this stuff. If I can't get the place in town to take it (which I don't think I can, I just called and said they'd only take the dresser), then it's all going to have to go to the dump. Which I'm not even sure I can do, since the mattress won't fit in the trailer. :|

I am extremely salty right now. Especially since both my and my husband's backs are totally worthless and we're having to destroy them to move all this stuff around. Ugh.
Tags: salvation army
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