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Bad College policy woes

After 18 years, my husband and I decided our children are old enough, we can afford for me to take the time off work, I would go back to college. Butler County Community College in Kansas had a decent accounting program and I have been in the field for all this time unofficially anyway, so I would try to get my degree finally.

Yay College! After all this time, I take their placement test and test into EITHER Intermediate Algebra with Review or College Algebra with review. (both are 5 hour classes, with a less expensive version that is 3 hours, I picked the lower one because it had been so very long I had forgotten many formulas)

Not so Yay... The Math department in this college has a policy that they do not publicize. If you miss a test, and are taking one of the "remedial" classes (anything below College Algebra) you can't make up any others. No exceptions made for legitimate emergencies, no credit given for the WEEK the testing center was closed and we could not go in to take late tests. So when my 11 year old special needs child became injured and had to go to the Emergency room, I missed a test that I could not make up because the testing center was closed... Then, a week later, my son was so ill he had to go into the emergency clinic. (All of this is documented, I am not expecting the teacher to take it on faith)

The teacher had no choice but tell me I would not pass the class. The department rules gave him no leeway.

I appealed to the dean, and got told he would look into it. His ruling? To bad. They will not even allow me to take the shorter cheaper version of the class. If I want, I can retest though and spend money to do so! If I pass the retest I can take the shorter class! At this point, I am about an inch away from transferring, no matter how good their accounting program is. This has already cost me my chance to get into the BA program I wanted. (It requires you get Calc in at a specific point, which I won't be able to do after retaking this class)

(It is worth note, prior to this, I had a 3.5 gpa, and still have a 3.0 after failing this class. The probation is for completion rate)
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