Stephanie (huntie6451) wrote in bad_service,

can they do that?!

ok so for some reason i really enjoy the mcdonalds little sundaes that are only 1.00 at our local mcdonalds. i like it simply because its cheap, small, and actually really low in fat.

there is a mcdonalds right down the street for me that is open 24 hours i believe at 11 the menu becomes a little bit smaller then the regular menu as theres not so much traffic at 3 in the morning...understandable.

at this same mcdonalds there are a lot of high schoolers who work there...i'm only 20 so i understand the need to work to make money as a teen and i also understand how hard it is to get a job at about 16 anywhere else but the fast food resturant. im actually usually pretty impressed by how young the staff is and how good the service is...HOWEVER...

having a brother who knows a lot of the people who work there, I know some of the secrets.  At about 8 o'clock the employees get annoying making the ice cream (im not familiar with the machine, i just know that they don't like doing it) so they lie and when a customer asks for an ice cream they either say they're out or that the machine is broken.  Now i understand this maybe it iwas 5 minutes before the menu change and they're already shut off the machine, but at 8 or 9?? and they're losing a lot of business i would assume because i have been multiple times in which they've told me it was out and/or broken and then they joke about it with my brother saying they do it on purpose. i kind of want to call the 1-800 number to complain, but at the same time i don't because otherwise the service is really prompt and accurate there. it just doesn't seem right that they should be doing this and i'm sure that a manager or store owner would frown upon losing money if they knew this was the case...

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