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What's that doc?

About two weeks ago I woke up and I knew I had a sinus infection. I've had many before. I went to work and just started to feel down hill. That night I called my dad for the number of our doctor since I couldn't remember it. He said he'd be right over to take me to urgent care. Well, by the time he got there it was closed so he took me to the ER. I was rather out of it at the time so I didn't complain. The doc saw me rather quickly and said, yep, sinus infection. I asked if maybe I had the flu and he said they'd had all of five cases, so the likelihood was nil. He gave a prescription for antibiotics and Flonase. I went hope happy. That's not the bad service.

After a few days I started to feel better. But I kinda plateau at about 50-60%. Plus the antibiotics were making me sick to my stomach. So I went and called my doctor. He's a new doctor, as my old doctor left last summer so I'd never seen Dr. C before. He comes in, berates me for going to the ER. Tell me pretty much that they are all charlatans and don't know how to diagnose a hole from thir ass in the ground. He tells me I DO have the flu and to stop the antibiotics. I'm kinda going, what? Isn't that what you are NEVER supposed to do? He said I felt better because I was getting better, not because of the antibiotics. It's a VIRUS he stresses. Thanks, I didn't know that.

If I don't feel better or stay the same after a few days come back and see me he says and leaves.

So I follow his orders. I stop the antibiotics. I don't feel better. I start to feel worse. My throat still hurts. I'm still stuffed up. Not running on all cylinders. Today I wake up and my eyes are glued shut. Yuck. I'm coughing up stuff. Joy. I call off work and the only doc available is...yeah, HIM. Great. We'll see how this goes. I blame him and I blame myself for listening to him. Even if the antibiotics were giving me GI problems, I should have kept taking them. I didn't speak up because it's a male doctor and I'm rather uncomfortable around them. I really miss my old doctor, she was so nice and asked a lot more questions.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, first do no harm?
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