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dear's spelled F-R-A-G-I-L-E

i really hate the post office sometimes....

i sold a lovely Avon Musical Christmas Carousel on ebay. brand new, never used--one of those "oh i'll use this next holiday season!" and forgot (and forgot....until figuring i might as well give it a new home via ebay. :P)

i inspected it when i first took it out of my closet where it had sat for several years. music worked fine, was still in the pristine condition i'd stored it in. repackaged it, listed it on ebay. one week later--sold! yay! just to be sure, i tested the music AGAIN before repackaging it with its protective packaging and sealing the box shut. worked just fine. i also write FRAGILE--HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE at least three places on the box.

i get to the post office Tuesday afternoon, tell the woman behind the counter i need Priority Mail with insurance.

"Fragile, liquid, perishable, blah blah?" she asks.

"EXTREMELY fragile." i pay while she puts the appropriate labels/Priority tape on and stamps it with the red FRAGILE stamp in several places, sets it in the appropriate bin and wishes me a Merry Christmas.

fast forward to today--i receive a notice from the buyer. "carousel is damaged and doesn't work." further emails explain to me that the music no longer works and that pieces are broken off the top and the center horse.

REALLY, post office?? what part of FRAGILE do you not comprehend??

waiting on photos so i can file an insurance claim. they better f-ing refund me (so i can refund the buyer) for their incompetence and mishandling. uggh.
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