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Denny's is a pretty fun place for my friends and I to go. We'll end up down in Sacramento at night and get hungry, go in, have fun just hanging around. And we always tip our waitresses well for having to put up with us. We're never rude. We just laugh. A lot.

Anyway, we went in about two weeks ago... I got a coke. I didn't have cash on me [never really do] so I used my card. I added in my tip and they charged 5.00 even to my account. Simple enough. I go into my account a few days later and find that Denny's charged me 5.01 [one penny over. Probably just an error] and 5.00. So they've now charged me 10.01. They should have only charged me 5.00. About a week later, I get a refund from Denny's for 5.01 in my account. So, what might have happened here? I'm thinking that the waitress charged me 5.01 on accident, instead of 5.00 and decided to run the correct amount through, charging me twice. But I'm pissed off about that - they charged me twice and didn't tell me. Shouldn't that be illegal since I didn't agree to the charges?

A few days ago I went in again, and bought food for one of my friends and myself. I used my card and the total was about 16.00... Well not only did they charge me the 16.00, they also have a separate charge of 4 on there. So, 20 dollars. They've charged me incorrectly AGAIN.

And a separate story about that night, our waitress. My friend and I went in, and politely told the woman that we wanted our food to go. She said, "Okay". And seriously stood there for about 30 seconds, staring at us. "Can we get two menus, please?" "Okay". Stands there. Still. I was nervously looking at my friend like... what do you do now? Just wait for her to move? I can't see where the menus are, so I can't just get them by myself... Suddenly she goes to the back. She came back out with drinks for one of her tables. And then she comes back over, gets two menus, and puts them on the counter. Walks away.

We looked through, found what we wanted, ordered from another woman, and sat down to wait for our food. But before we left with the food, and I was paying, I heard the first waitress bitch about us not leaving her a tip. The thing is, she actually glares. WTF?

Basically: What should I do about the recent charges? This is the second time they've done this. I have the transaction records and my reciepts.. Should I bring it in and tell a manager, or what?

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