Zelda (zelda_dragon) wrote in bad_service,

Very minor, but still annoying

This morning, I came across a dog running around in the middle of a very busy four-lane road. The poor guy was terrified and stuck, and there were a bunch of drivers who didn't even bother to slow down. He was almost hit three times in the thirty seconds I was coming up on the intersection.

So I immediately pulled over and tried to help him to safety. He was skittish and scared and ran away from me, but I could tell that he didn't have a collar (and he was awfully dirty), so I suspect he was a stray. I called animal control. Since he ran off down a smaller side road, I decided that I was already late enough and headed to work.

But I have been thinking about that dog all day, and here is where the annoyance comes in.

I've been calling the shelter every hour, wanting to find out if he had been picked up and was safe. Every time I call? No answer. Not even a machine.

I was lucky enough to talk to a person just now, long enough for him to say "wrong branch, I'll transfer" - only to be transferred to yet another phone line that just rings and rings and rings.

I want to know how the dog is, and it's getting very, very frustrating that I can't get in touch with someone who can help. Or even be connected to an answering machine! I understand that they must be busy, but couldn't they at least answer their phones?
Tags: *city/county services
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