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Shipping suck.

This is a double suck from the same company. Cut for length.

My partner is on several medications and when they're shipped to our apartment, they use the shipping company DHL.

We began receiving little notes on the entrance doors of the apartment, and I thought it was a little weird because notes contain the time the delivery person stopped by. Every time listed was a time where one or both of us were in the apartment.

The three days passed and their policy is to have you go to their company and get your package from there. This is a major inconvenience for both of us because we do not posses a car, there is no bus line going anywhere near the building and that leaves only a cab. That costs $50.00 round trip.

I felt bad for partner, it was a major inconvenience for him and when he called to ask how it was possible that a delivery person somehow managed to "miss" us when we were at home, he was connected to a "help line' where they put him on hold and then hung up after several minutes.

I was worried because I had ordered Christmas presents from the website Think Geek and the only option I could afford was DHL. I thought I would be clever and I called them to ask what days they would be delivering this package. And just my luck, they will have this package come to me on Thursday or Friday and I had those days off work.

So on Thursday I woke up at 6am and grabbed the phone and waited. I did not leave the apartment until 8pm. Everything I did was done at a low volume in case the delivery person knocked very softly, but no one showed up on Thursday.

I was annoyed, that's a day off wasted, but that means I'll absolutely get it on Friday!


Another day of waiting, and then I got a phone call asking when I would be coming down to pick up my package. And I got mad.

I told the woman that I waited all day, for two days, without leaving the apartment and there was no one who called, knocked or buzzed and unless the delivery person was licking my door in lieu of knocking there was no way I could have missed it.

I mentioned the package that did not reach my parter last week and the complaint we were not able to make because we were hung up on. The woman began apologizing profusely and said it must have been a "crossed wire" or something.

I said there was no way I would be paying $50.00 in taxi fees to come to their store when they had a delivery person who was doing Cthulhu knows what. She asked what she could do to make me and my partner happy, and I said that they would deliver my package on Saturday. I did not work until the evening, and even then, partner would be home. She said that was fine, and she'd get another delivery person to deliver my package.

Saturday came and I began browsing Facebook to see if there was a friend who could drive me to their location because I felt that they probably would not come that day. But at 9am there was a buzz and lo and behold, my package!!

The man who delivered my package apologized profusely, said that it was random delivery boy's fault, they're SO sorry that they caused such trouble etc etc.

Since the odds are pretty good that either partner or I will have to use this company again, I'm not sure what we'll do, I don't like this company, the service has been terrible and a paltry excuse blaming a phantom delivery boy and crossed wires just seems like a crap excuse.

I don't like that so far, the only way I can get results with DHL is to put my foot down and say "No, we do it THIS way." but it's the only thing that gets results.

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