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your order has shipped ... oh wait, just kidding!

a local online business was having a special where if you purchased an item of clothing, you got a free christmas ornament. i had bought things from the same website in the past, so didn't think twice about ordering something.

i filled out the order, paid and on 11/29 received a confirmation that my order had shipped. awesome! thinking it would not take more than three days to ship because it's from the same town, a week later i was concerned that i still hadn't received the package. on 12/6 (one week, 5 business days, 6 postal days, etc later) i called the store's phone number and left a message. i also sent an e-mail just checking in and asking how long they expect things to take and can they please give me assurance that the item has actually shipped? (this is important.) i receive no response.

i call again on 12/7 and leave a message and on thursday 12/8 send another e-mail letting them know that i haven't gotten a response yet and i am very concerned about the item. this is an online business, i don't think it is unreasonable to expect them to respond to e-mails. again, no response. i call friday 12/9 and leave another message. "hello, my name is 67words. i am calling regarding shipment of an order. this is my third message, please call me back. thank you." no response.

i wait for the package on saturday, still doesn't arrive. i file a non-receipt dispute on paypal with two messages to the seller. this is not a dispute on the charge yet, just a "hey, please contact me, i still don't have the items." on sunday, i see the business is active on facebook and leave a comment on their post advertising the special to please contact me. i send another e-mail sunday evening letting them know i am going to dispute the charge if i do not receive a response as the item hasn't arrived and customer service is non-existent.

on monday, they are again active on facebook, but ignoring my calls and e-mails. i send a desperate e-mail asking them to please acknowledge me. this is my sixth day attempting contact. no response. i make a facebook post on my own wall commenting that the company has no customer service and refuses to acknowledge my attempts to contact them and tag the company. within an hour, the company has refunded my money through paypal.

besides ignoring my phone messages, e-mails and facebook contacts for an entire week, the response i get is where the bad service really takes place.

the owner of the company e-mails me and says she's sorry, but "they have hundreds of orders every day" and "every now and then, we make a mistake." okay... then she goes on about how "they offered a FREE ornament" and "this item was FREE" and "ran out of stock" because they offered something for "FREE" and aren't going to "pay to ship a FREE item separately." (her capitalization, not mine.) that was your special! i didn't demand something for free and threaten you if you didn't give it to me. it was YOUR SPECIAL!!

but wait a minute? what's that? you never shipped my item? what about that shipping confirmation you sent me 13 days ago? 
i respond to the e-mail that had i know about the issue, i would have waited patiently. but the only communication the company offered to me was a confirmation that the item had shipped, which obviously was created erroneously. unfortunately, i can't recommend or patronize the company anymore because this has been horrible customer service. i thank her for the refund and finally responding to my messages. 
the end, right? 
the owner e-mails me back: "again, to explain, the order was pulled, shipping label created, then we realized the ornament was sold out." ... "the label was not falsely made." blah, blah, blah. um, no. i didn't get an e-mail that a shipping label was created. i received an e-mail that items had been shipped. she goes on to apologize that my experience wasn't "seamless." now i know the written word can be tricky, but this really upset me. i wasn't asking for perfection. i was asking for the common decency to acknowledge someone who has paid you for something and never received it. i understand you get "hundreds of orders." i didn't place hundreds of orders; i placed one, and that's the only one i care about. alas, i simply responded with the original confirmation and highlighted the following: "Thank you for your recent order. Below is your confirmation that we have shipped your order."

my real grievance here is the lack of customer services, outright lies to the customer and the attitude that since i was receiving a "FREE" item, i should happily wait in silence. i can't believe a company would treat a customer like this after so obviously being in the wrong. if someone had e-mailed me back after my first (or even second!) e-mail to say "oops! we actually didn't ship your order. the free (or should i say "FREE!") gift is on backorder so shipment is delayed," i would have been a slightly disappointed, but continued customer. (the item in question was a christmas present and the free gift is a christmas ornament, now backordered until december 26). i should have been given the opportunity to cancel my order or wait knowing it wouldn't arrive until after the holiday. instead, i was ignored and then scoffed at by the owner. 
from my limited interaction, it is clear that customer service is not a priority. the apology was half-hearted at best; i was lied to about shipping; my contact attempts went unacknowledged until i posted something on facebook; basically they took my money and left me hanging. yes, that's right. i PURCHASED something else and sent them MONEY to qualify for the "FREE" item.  
i got the refund, so there is nothing else to be done, even though the refund came at the expense of making me feel like less of a customer and a person undeserving of the simple acknowledgment that i exist. but this series of events upset me, and i think people should know what to expect when dealing with BlueOranges.net. the owner is profiting off of Tim Tebow, so it's unlikely her business will suffer from treating one person badly, but i also have a difficult time believing i am the only one with a bad experience. 
tl;dr: do not shop at blueoranges.net

(edited for typos and reading comprehension)
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