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AmeriGas screwing us over

A few months ago, the tank for the electric water heater in my family's basement started leaking. We've had a lot of problems with electric heaters before, so we decided to switch to propane and called AmeriGas to buy a propane heater and have it installed. When my mom called, she was connected with a woman named Kim who took down our information and promised to call back the next day with an installation date. Everything was happy and okie-dokie-peachy-keen, or so we thought.

Two days later, our heater was leaking slightly more and we still hadn't heard anything from Kim. So my mom called back and learned that our data wasn't in the computer; it was like she'd never called at all. The woman she was connected to the second time asked around the office and tried to find out who had taken our call, but then my mom realized that the woman she'd been connected to was Kim. Yup, the same one she'd been connected to the first time.


So Kim giggled and took down our information again. This time she asked for my mom's Social Security number, which we thought was odd, and signed us up for automatic propane deliveries. More on that later.

Anyway, Kim set up an appointment for an installation that Friday and promised to call if any problems came up.

That Friday, the guy who was installing our equipment called around 8 AM and told us that he had a cancellation and that he could come to our house a few hours early. We were pretty thrilled since our electric heater's tank had been making our basement kind of soggy, so we told him we'd love it if he came over.

He came over and did the job perfectly, he was friendly and polite and cheery and all sorts of good stuff. As my dad was signing the contract, the installer got a phone call.

From Kim.

Telling him that we'd just called and canceled our appointment.

We looked at the phone like it was a sentient taco.

He quickly informed her that no, we hadn't canceled, and that he'd just finished installing our propane tank.

Her response? "Oh." Then she hung up.

The installer kind of looked at his phone, then gave us the name of her supervisor and his phone number.

But that's not the end, oh no. When you sign up for propane deliveries, you can choose between a pre-pay option and an automatic delivery. When you sign up for automatic, your Social Security number gets run through a credit checker and if you're cleared, you get automatic deliveries instead of having to call up for each one (Of course, Kim never told us about this, just asked my mom for her SSN). Like I said before, we were signed up for automatic deliveries and the first delivery came without a hitch.

Cut to a few months later, and we're getting pretty low on propane. We're wondering when the delivery man is going to show up, so we call AmeriGas to find out about that.

We get connected to Kim and all hell breaks loose.

Guess who's not in the computer again? :D

Kim sort of apologizes and tells us that our data might be in another woman's computer, but she's out of town. Kim promises to tell her to call us back about our delivery.

It's been three weeks and nobody's called us back.

My dad called Kim's supervisor today and spoke to his secretary, who was insanely helpful and awesome. She told us that apparently, Kim had never run our SSN through the credit checker and we'd been automatically signed up for pre-pay delivery. She immediately corrected this, as well as fixing my dad's name and zip code since those had been entered incorrectly.

This wouldn't be so bad if it happened in the summer, but it's been ridiculously cold here lately and we kind of need hot water. This has been going on since September, and we're seriously considering changing our propane providers because this is just getting ridiculous.

EDIT: My dad didn't call her supervisor sooner because he wanted to wait until we needed a delivery. I'm not really sure why, but that's what he told me.

Also, we chose AmeriGas in the first place because our neighbor referred us to them. The secretary that my dad talked to yesterday sent a referral form to our neighbor so he could get a discount on his deliveries.

The form arrived today.

At our house.

My parents are honestly scared of what these people are going to do with a SSN, so we're switching soon to whatever else we can find.

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