haruyan (haruyan) wrote in bad_service,

Dear fabric shop

This is the third time I have gone to your business and everytime I ask for blue velvet you respond with next week. Finally your manager told me you wouldn't be getting any until next year, if they got any at all :/

If you don't have the buttons I want, then please don't display them as if you did have them. Last week I found ten buttons of the kind you told me you had none, so excuse me for being skeptic when you tell you don't have any, maybe you should store them properly by kind.

And please don't make a face when I say that yes, I do need one more thing, you asked if I needed anything else and it's your job to cut the ribbons.

I really did like you because you were so close to where I live, but from now on I'll be shopping elsewhere. Thanks.

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