Adhara Phoenix (adhara) wrote in bad_service,
Adhara Phoenix

Bad camera shop

After 20-something years of proving I'm worthy of that honor, some months ago my dad gave me my late grandad's medium format camera. This thing has a HUGE sentimental value for me, so I don't use it that much because I'm terrified it will break/I will forget it somewhere/an asteroid will fall on it while I'm not looking. Due to this, when I actually finish the roll of film in it I feel really excited about getting the pictures developed.

So, dear camera shop:

- If I drop the film on Tuesday 29th and you tell me "it will be done in six or seven days", I will be back next Tuesday, shiny hopeful eyes and all

- If for any reason the pictures are not ready, that's fine. Shit happens, things get delayed, medium format is not that common anymore and a lot of labs have stopped doing it. Hell, when I'm in my hometown the waiting time for this stuff is at least three weeks and they warn you about it repeatedly. However, I certainly didn't expect you to patronize me and tell me off because "You left it here on Thursday! Of course it's not done! See, this is film, you don't just print it. It has to be taken to a lab to develop the negative and there is no way it can be done from Thursday to Tuesday", even after I pointed out to you several times that there's a date on the receipt and that date is Tuesday 29th (also: thanks for assuming I'm a high school student that wasn't even born before digital photography existed?).

- When you finally accept that I did leave the film there the previous Tuesday and tell me "Oh well, maybe it'll be here tomorrow", I will give you a couple of extra days and come back on Friday instead.

- If for any reason the pictures are still not there... well, at this point I am expecting at least an apology. Nothing fancy, a "Sorry, seems the pictures are not here yet" would suffice. Instead I am told "but you left the film here on Monday! Why did you come so soon? We never told you to come on Friday!". And I can't understand why it took me 5 minutes of showing you the date on the receipt again for you to tell me "Come back tomorrow. Or maybe Monday".

I'm waiting until next Tuesday but I'm not holding my breath... (and this is a small shop with three employees, all of which were present during all these exchanges)
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