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Dear DirectTV

I am aware you want your money, I have been aware of that since I first called you to tell you there was a problem paying you (bank drama for a whole diffrent post). I have called you no less then five times to discuss this and figure out where we can go from here. Trust me, if I had the money, I would hand it to you.

I have now spoke to you ten different times (including my own calls) and hung up on you five more, STOP CALLING ME! We're at an impasse, I will pay you as soon as I am humanly able, but calling every night at eight pm WILL NOT GET ME MONEY ANY FASTER.

Every other company I deal with has been cool and let me make payment arrangements, you are the only company to screw me over (including turning on my tv service and then two weeks later shutting it off again, thanks for that, it was most amusing in my shitty month).

Note: I am not complaining about the fact I owe them nor that they want their money, I'm complaining about constant, insensate calling even when I ask them to stop.
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