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Horrible service!!

Here is some bad service for all you folks out there...

I been working at a company for 2 1/2 years and one night at my own home I got hurt and needed stitches and staples. I went to the doctor, he patched me up and gave me pain meds.

The first thing I do is call my department boss and explain to them what happen and I'm under prescription drugs. She asked if the doc released me and I said yes but I'm on light duty. Right there she said I can't come back until I'm 100%. So, I told the doc and he put me at 100% after i missed 4 days of work.

Now my boss tells me I need paper work filled out by me and my doctor to be excused those 4 days. I did my part but the doctor said he refuses to sign it. So I got charged for not showing up for those 4 days and they fired me. I told my boss what the doctor said and my boss told me it sounds like a personal problem and there is nothing she can do.

The care unit and the company I worked for is the most horrible place as of right now. I am going to court with this. Hopefully they will learn a vaulable lesson....
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