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I live across the street from a Dollar Tree, and although it's super convenient, the service in there is abysmal. There is this one cashier who is always surly and rude, and I'm getting really tired of her attitude. If you're not quick enough to use the debit card machine, she leans over and presses the OK button for you! She's done this to me and my husband on more than one occasion. And a small note on that - in Australia, where I'm from, you wait until the end of the transaction to swipe your card. Here, it seems you can swipe your card at any point - is that the case? It seems really weird to me to swipe your card before you know the total.

Today, though, this woman took the cake. There was a huge line, because this particular Dollar Tree seems to only ever have one cash register open, and the surly cashier was working. Whilst serving the customer in front of me, the phone rang. She picked it up, didn't say anything (no greeting or anything, then turned around and yelled at another worker, asking if they had any of a certain product. Other worker said no, cashier just said "No" in the phone and hung up. Then she served me and the second she scanned my last item, she pulled her cell phone out and started texting. I swiped my card, and it went through. She kept texting. Eventually I grabbed my own receipt and bag and she still didn't acknowledge me, or the next customer in line. Wtf? I used their feedback website on the back of my receipt to comment on the service, but I doubt anything will come of it.

Another company I'm receiving less-than-great service from at the moment is Safeway. I don't have a car, so I order the bulk of my groceries online from Safeway and get it delivered. However, their website is broken and the "more info" link under a product doesn't work - it just refreshes the website. It used to work, though, when I first started using it. I've tried it on two different browsers (Firefox and Chrome) and my husband has tried it on his computer - same result. I emailed them about it, but got a form email in response telling me how to fix it in IE, despite me clearly outlining what browser I use. The advice was basically to delete the cookies, which I did on Chrome, and it still doesn't work. This, combined with their vague descriptions of products, have now caused me on more than one occasion to end up with a product I didn't want. I emailed them about it the first time (when I ordered Coffeemate that simply said it was 9floz and it turned out to be individual servings in a box), and they basically said oh well, too bad. Now I've realised I bought the wrong kind of sausage because all it said was "Open Nature Andouille Sausage". I thought it would be pork (didn't even know it came in chicken, tbh) and it was chicken. I've emailed them about it, but I doubt they will care, since they didn't last time.

It annoys me because they're always out of stock of things, forget some of my stuff, have a shitty website and uncaring customer service, but there's no one else I can use, so I have to keep giving them my business.

ETA: I just got an email from Safeway saying they needed to speak to me personally regarding my last email (which was regarding the sausage), so could I please call them. I was baffled at to why I had to call them if they wanted to speak to me, but I called them anyway. They refunded me for the sausage and told me that Chrome isn't compatible with their website (not their website isn't compatible with Chrome, it's all Chrome's fault don't you know), and "sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't". She said it would work with Firefox, but I pointed out I'd tried it on that browser, too, and it didn't work. She said she'd put an IT ticket through about it. She sounded fairly uncaring the whole time, and like it was my fault the sausage incident had occurred. Seriously thinking about just using my little cart and walking to the nearest supermarket rather than dealing with this every month.
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