Jantra (jantra) wrote in bad_service,

Seriously, Toshiba?

Dear Toshiba:

I was the proud owner of a Toshiba many years back. It never had anything go wrong with it other than it got old, and I foolishly replaced it with a Lenovo. After learning that this is not a good brand at all, I happily went back to Toshiba and purchased, over the phone, a Toshiba Satellite over the phone with customer rep "xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx" on Black Friday to get the deal you were offering.

I was over joyed to see my package was shipped on the first of December. I watched it carefully to figure out when it would arrive. Again, I was even more excited when I figured out it had arrived in PA on Saturday which meant I would be receiving it Monday before noon. I had ever plan to go on my lunch hour to either retrieve the package from my doorstep or if it required a signature, from the local UPS office it was sent through.

I saw that the tracking updated at 8:58 AM this morning to say that I had not been at home, they would try tomorrow. Okay, not left at my door, probably for the best, so I called UPS to arrange picking up the package from their office today. After calling UPS, I ended up having to be transferred to a supervisor (as no one else could figure out why I could not retrieve my package) who told me that Toshiba put a security hold on the package that it could not be picked up, it could only be delivered. I suggested them delivering it at a specific time so I could be home (no) or changing the address to my job so I could receive it there (no).

Utterly confused as to what I was supposed to do, as I couldn't be at home in the morning to wait until noon to get the package since I work, and I couldn't have it delivered to my job, or at a specific time, or pick it up... how was I supposed to get my package? The supervisor said they couldn't do anything, try calling Toshiba. So I did.

At Toshiba, I also had to be transferred to a supervisor as the first person I spoke to couldn't figure out why UPS said I couldn't pick it up. Finally on reaching a supervisor, they informed me that it was company policy that a pick up (instead of a delivery) had to be called in or emailed by the customer to be done. Okay, great, I'm calling in, please let me go pick it up.

Nope! It requires a 24 hour notice for confirmation that I can pick it up. Why wasn't that mentioned by the sales rep I spoke to on the phone to order the laptop? Why isn't it in any email I have received from you that I could make those arrangements? When, other than when I call UPS, then get turned over to you, was I supposed to magically know that I had to call 24 hours in advance to come pick up the laptop?

Now, despite the fact my laptop is 10 minutes away, I shall remain laptopless until tomorrow. This is a ridiculous company policy. Of course the first people someone would call would be UPS because that's who it's being shipped to. You didn't make me give any personal information that UPS didn't ask for, so there's no 'security' in having to call you to get you to let me have it, so it is absolutely pointless to annoy your customers by first making them call UPS to have it scheduled, finding out they can't pick it up, then having to call you, then wait 24 hours to pick it up because you put no such information in your emails or tracking information.

Hoping the laptop itself is better than this policy,
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