needjunkie (needjunkie) wrote in bad_service,

There really is a kid, I promise.

This is more a minor WTF service than anything else. In fact, the cashier was super nice doing the entire transaction.

My young cousin was going to see Hugo with some classmates and I decided to take him since I wanted to see the movie as well. When we get to the theater, he sees one of his friends so he stands with that boy (off to the side, but still where I can see him) while I buy the tickets.

I ask for two tickets to the 3D showing and hand over two vouchers. The cashier fiddles with them for a moment and then hands them back, saying that the movie has to be out for ten days before the extra 3D charge would be covered and that maybe I should save them for another time. That’s nice that he wants to make sure I get the full worth of them but these vouchers actually state on them that you must always pay for 3D surcharge, so it doesn’t matter if I use them now or a month from now on this movie, I’ll have to pay the $3.50 out of pocket. I’ve also used them several times before, including on 3D, and have never had a ten-day rule mentioned. But instead of pressing it, I decide to just pay with cash. As I go to hand him the money, I notice the total seems way too low to be two tickets so I repeat that it’s two that I need. He smiles, nods, and takes the money. He hands me my change…and one ticket. I repeat that I need two tickets; he apologizes and starts to enter another. That’s when I notice, oh, hey, children’s tickets aren’t as high right now and my cousin falls under the age cut-off. Score!

ME: Actually, the second ticket is for a child.

He looks to a manager standing off to the side and leans in, lowering his voice.

CASHIER: I was just going to charge you for a child for the second one anyway, for all the trouble.

ME: Oh, that’s nice of you. But it actually is for a kid.

CASHIER: Riiiiiiight.

He then gives me this conspiring sort of glance, like we’re in on this together. Then, when he goes to hand me my 3D glasses:

CASHIER: So do you want two adult pairs then…?

I ended up just taking two adult pairs because my cousin has a big head and the child’s pair looked small, but the cashier was still acting like he did me a favor on the price.
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