The only thing I'm involved with is being awesome (derbysinner) wrote in bad_service,
The only thing I'm involved with is being awesome

couple gentle reminders from your friendly, neighborhood mod

The rules of this community can be viewed here. If you haven't read them recently, maybe take a few minutes and peruse them now.

Let me just emphasize a couple of things:

1) no personal attacks - disagree with a poster, commenter or moderator? That's fine, feel free to engage in spirited debate, but USE YOUR GROWN-UP WORDS (pro-tip: if you really really really want someone to consider your point of view, calling that person "an asshole", "an asshat", "a fuckwit", "dim", or "trollish" probably isn't going to make that person all that receptive).

2) kindly leave your grudges elsewhere - Everyone on Livejournal has that person (or persons, if I'm being realistic) whose username alone makes his or her ass pucker, but following that person around waiting for him or her to say something you don't like is a spectacular waste of time. If you have a problem with someone else in this community - whether from some past post here, from another LJ community or from way back in high school - ignore that person, don't engage him or her, unfriend that person on Facebook if that's what you need to do.

Snark is allowed here... hell, snark is encouraged here, just don't be needlessly jerk-ish about it, okay?

Thanks and Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate-This-Season! And remember to celebrate responsibly - wear pants with an elastic waist, you'll just be more comfortable

p.s. feel free to comment on this or anything else here - this can be a party post or a here's-what's-wrong-with-this-place post or a place to share your favorite stuffing recipes.
Tags: my boo is fly lol
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