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Last night my roomate, a couple of friends and I went to dinner at a small 50's diner by our house that we eat at every couple of weeks. They weren't busy, yet it took 5 minutes to get seated. It then took our waitress 10 minutes to get take our orders and another 5 to get our drinks. Then we sat there for another 30 minutes. No food, no refills, no checking in to see how we were doing. We stopped our waitress and informed her that we had been there for over 45 minutes and she responded with "Oh, have you?" and walked off. That's when I had enough. I threw $5 down on the table for the 2 sodas that we ordered and we all walked out. You should've seen the look of horror on the kid's face working the register when we walked out. This might land me in customers_suck for walking out after they already started making the food, but between waiting so long for our food and the attitude from our waitress, I didn't even want to eat there anymore. I'm thinking of calling and complaining to the owner, but I'm not sure if it will get me anywhere.
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