The Mad Lori (madlori) wrote in bad_service,
The Mad Lori

Hotel hell

I just spent four days in Nevada visiting family and staying at the worst Super 8 ever. My first night there was last Tuesday. There were blood spots on the pillowcase of my (extremely lumpy) pillows. I get new pillows, equally lumpy, although this doesn't fill me with confidence about the cleanliness of the rest of the room.

Wednesday I am out all day. I get back to my room in the evening to find that it hasn't been cleaned. I shrug it off, the housekeeping staff is already gone anyway, I'll let it go. Thursday I happen to be in my room when they come by. I ask them to empty the trash and assume they'll come back later. Surprise, they don't. Friday I hang the doortag on my door that says "please clean my room." The other side of the doortag is the DND sign. This will be important later.

I get back to my room around 5 and it has not been cleaned. I go to the front desk to complain. The manager agrees that it's unacceptable but he can't really do much as he's just the casino manager; he advises me to come on Sat morning and see the hotel manager. Okay fine. Later that night around 10 I go back to my room but my keycard doesn't work, so I have to go to the front desk to have it reactivated. The desk clerk says that manager on duty wants to talk to me about my issues. Great, fine. So this woman comes up and informs me that according to the housekeeping log, I had a DND sign on my room all day.

Now I'm annoyed. I say, quite tersely, that there was most certainly NOT a DND sign on my door (don't think I didn't make extra sure that the right side of the sign was facing out), the sign is still hanging there right now, would she like to come see for herself?

Then she says, "Ma'am, I don't need your attitude."

Excuse me? Three days with no housekeeping and MY ATTITUDE is the problem? Leaving aside the fact that me being annoyed at not having received the most basic hospitality services does NOT constitute "attitude." She also cited their emptying of the trash as some kind of evidence that they were not remiss. Then she says to me that if housekeeping was important to me, I ought to have said something sooner. So now it is my fault that I didn't get my bed made or fresh towels for the entirety of my stay.

Oh, the shit be on. It is not my job to make sure you do yours. It is not my responsibility to ASK for housekeeping services at a hotel I am paying for. She says that clearly there was some miscommunication all around, apparently including ME in the list of people who have been lax in their communications skills, which, do not even get me started.

I left. I was so pissed off. I was prepared to be understanding and reasonable before this manager talked to me. I called their corporate customer care line before I left yesterday morning and told them the whole sorry tale. The lady I spoke to was like, holy cow. She said the hotel manager has a few days to do something for me and if he doesn't, or I'm not happy with what he does, I should call them back. It's bad enough that I got no hospitality whatsoever, but then I was told that it was my fault and that my attitude was unacceptable.
Tags: *bad service turned worse, hotel/lodge
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