Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote in bad_service,
Zia Nuray

Mailman snafu

OK, we have a dog.  A dachshund, to be precise.  And yes, she's a mouthy little cuss, UNTIL I tell her to settle down, especially if you're banging on the door.  

We're on an in-town rural route, sort of -- the post boxes are on posts, and ours is across the street, but we can see it from the door and have a good wide half-circle driveway so IF the postman needs to drop something off, there's a minimum of hassle for him.  Most of the postal workers in this area carry dog biscuits, even.  Also the UPS and the FedEx drivers.

One day, while I'm between jobs, the dog is IN the house with the door closed.  Can't get out.  This is important.  

I'm working in the flowerbed bordering the driveway; you can see my rather generously sized fundament from the street, no problem.
One reason I'm outside is that I'm about 90% expecting a package today, and it's a Saturday, so if I miss the delivery, I'm out of luck until Tuesday as Monday is a postal holiday and I'd like to get my project started, TYVM.

The mail truck whooshes up to the box on the pole across the street, I wave and start heading for the street, he doesn't wave, he tosses a bundle into the box and whooshes off.  Well, looks like the package didn't get here.  Disappointed, but what the hey.  I go get the bundle out of the box, and right on top is an "attempted delivery of parcel" slip.  The reason given?  

"Dog on porch."

Notice he had to have had this already filled out -- there was no time for him to write that down in the two seconds he was stopped at the box, and he didn't even look over at the house as far as I could tell.

ETA: Resolution

Called the postmaster -- "Yeah, I just got a slip with this on it. Trouble is, _I_ was on the porch, not the dog." Explained situation.

Postmaster -- "Ooops." Also apology.

Postmaster chased him down and hand-delivered my parcel within a half-hour.

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