Duae (duae) wrote in bad_service,

Old Tea Store Bad Service

So I was looking to order some tea for Christmas and remembered an old suck. I'm a huge tea drinker, although not a very snobby one, and last year I was excited to discover a store that sold tea and tea accessories in a town that's an hour away from where I live, but that I was driving through every weekend for a job. I stopped in, spent some browsing the loose leaf, picked out four different teas I liked, and went to have them measured out and pay. The owner was very happily chatting about tea with a person at the counter, so I smile and I'm being friendly when I put down the jars, ask about what he thinks of them. I get a stare, a grunt, and a "They're ok I guess." I try a couple more time to start conversation, stuff like "I have the basic electric kettle, but I've thought about upgrading to something better. What would you recommended?" "They're all good." I'm put off, but still trying to be nice.

I say "I'm glad I found a place like this that sells loose leaf tea, and I drive through every Friday for work, so I'll be coming in again often."

And he turned to the lady he was talking with before and said to her, not even looking at me "No she won't." And they both laughed.

Well, sir and other customer, you were absolutely correct. I have not been in there again. Yes I like being able to see and smell the tea, and the instant gratification of buying it in person, but I can find the same tea online without the douchebaggery.

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