Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Mobility, that's not a Black Friday sale!!

Went Black Friday shopping this weekend, had a blast. The suck hails close to home, where a lot of companies don't know how to have a Black Friday sale. (Recently, Canada has been trying to keep customers from crossing the border I suppose by having it's own Black Friday this year, but the sales aren't near as good as the States, and the taxes and environmental fees also make it less of a good deal, even with duty). Mobilicity, a cellphone company, tweeted about it's Black Friday sales, cheap unlimited talk and text plans, and 50% off phones. Sweet! I need a new phone, after mine got damaged, so I was sending my husband in to grab a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for $200 (normally $399). On the website, and from my understanding of a Black Friday sale, this price was open to everyone, new and old customers alike. Nothing said otherwise.

Husband went in, and tried to buy the phone, but was told, "Sorry, that price is only available for new customers." Bwuh?! So husband explains nowhere in their advertisement at all is there fine print stating that, and this is essentially a bait and switch. Cashier replies, "Sorry I don't do the advertising, I'm just a lowly store clerk, I can't change the policy." Husband thought maybe there was a miscommunication between this one store and corporate, so he tried a second one but to no avail.

Tweeted Dave Dobbin late last night too but no reply yet (as I suspect he hasn't come on for the day, yet), but I am hoping this is all a big miscommunication or something between corporate and the stores. I hope he does the right thing and fixes this, otherwise, Black Friday sales =/= new customer sales, Canada - you're doing it wrong!

[Let me take a moment to clarify what kind of company Mobilicity is. Mobilicity is nowhere near the evil that Rogers, Bell, and so many other companies have come to be associated with. They don't charge you extra unless they are being charged (free long distance, unlimited texting, no extra charges unless you're roaming because they have to pay other providers $ for usage on their lines,unlimited data, no contracts, tabs or hidden fees etc). They're customer service has always been awesome, anytime there's a problem. So this snag has really come as a shock because Mobilicity has been really awesome to us, and I'd expect such shenannigans from Rogers or Fido, or Bell, but not them. Also, there's no contracts so the sale price can't be explained as a "sign up for 2 years, get 50% off" thing).
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