Why is there a missing piece in everyone I know? (skakitty) wrote in bad_service,
Why is there a missing piece in everyone I know?

Greyhound bad service.

The previous post reminded me of my experience with Greyhound a couple months ago. It appears that this is Greyhound policy.

I was visiting my mom in Mt Vernon, WA and needed to catch a bus or train back to Seattle so I could work that evening. I decided to take the Greyhound bus since the train left super early and I wanted to sleep in a little and the bus would get me home hours before work started anyway. I buy my ticket online and go to bed.

Strike one: I wake up in the morning and check my debit balance. Greyhound has charged me twice.

It's a cheap ticket so I don't freak out too much, figure I'll take it up with the station in Seattle since I live near it. I arrive at the station 15 mins early and start reading my book.

Strike 2: the bus doesn't show up for over and hour. Now I realize we'll hit traffic on the way down and call my work, saying I might be late. But I figure this is the worst that could happen and go over to board the bus with the other 15 or so people with tickets in hand.

Strike 3: the driver opens the door and says, "I only have one seat open, who needs it most?" Cue us all staring and stammering.... And a guy with a transfer to catch gets it.

I call my work and tell them I'm not coming since the next bus isn't for over 5 hours. So I go inside, wait to talk to the ticket lady which takes like 45 minutes, and I tell her I need a refund and also tell her about the double charge. Note I say refund, and at no time does she say I'd be getting a voucher instead of a refund. She has me fill out the request and mails it off.

Fast forward to last week...
I get a VOUCHER in the mail... For only one of the charges.

Ugh. I hate Greyhound. Why would they sell tickets they don't have? It's not like it would be difficult to track, especially when there were only like 2 stops prior to mine!!!
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