Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in bad_service,
Ansela Jonla

So... what do you do all day?

I have to catch the bus to get into and out of town. When coming out of town I always catch my bus from the station, for various reasons. There are always security staff standing around, usually right outside the toilets (where they mainly seem to stop people from hopping over the barriers into the loos without paying 20p first) and outside the shop.

I was walking to my bus' bay the other day when I spotted an elderly gentleman leaning against the big sign/timetable stand at the end of my bay's seating section. He was shaking and generally looked like he could fall down any second. This sign, and the gentleman, are literally directly across from a pack of three security guards... who are looking in his direction and not even moving.

I spoke to the gentleman, asked him what was wrong and whether he needed a seat. He explained that he'd just got off one bus and needed to catch another but he was having trouble getting moving again. Myself and another lady supported him down to the bay where the bus he wanted to catch was, all the way at the other end of the station (we were at Bay 16, he wanted a bus in either Bay 6 (queue all the way to the exit doors of the station) or Bay 4). The driver had just closed his doors, but he opened them again when he saw us approach and he even poked his head round his cab-screen-thing to make sure there was a seat for the gentleman.

On my way back to the bay for my bus I was intercepted by the largest of the three security goons who'd been doing nothing. He basically told me to mind my own business next time, leave elderly people who are struggling alone no matter what and that if he sees me interfere with someone again he'll call the cops on me.

What happened to being a decent person or, if you can't be bothered to/aren't allowed to be by your boss, letting other people be decent?
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