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Coucil people can be very rude

I'll start off with an experience that I had with a nasty woman I talked to on the phone a couple of years ago. She was from my local council and from the housing department. She rang me up to offer me a council flat and because I was unsure of a few things, I said that I'd just get my mum to clarify a few things for me as we went through the conversation. She said,

"This has NOTHING to do with your mum. Why do you want your mum anyway? You're a grown adult, old enough to know what you're getting yourself involved in!"

I said nothing. I was just shocked and appalled that this woman was berating me like I was a small child! I had never moved before in my life and because my mum also works for the council (in a completely different department. She doesn't know the woman involved) I just wanted her there in case I got stuck. The woman started talking to me again and said,

"Are you there?"

"Yes," I said, fighting back tears.

Then she told me more about the flat, but said it in really simple terms and then said, "That wasn't so hard to understand, was it!"

I put the phone down and burst into tears. My mum ended up complaining and got told that this wasn't the first complaint that this woman had received, and that she was notoriously harsh and that she would be dealt with, and that this couldn't keep going on. She must have racked up a LOT of complaints.

Then, last month, my mum got a phone call from the housing department. Completely different circumstances than the story above. Basically, me, my brother, his girlfriend, my mum and my grandparents want to move into a four/five bedroom house and at first we thought about renting another council house. Well, some woman rang my mum up and told her that there was NO WAY we could get a four/five bedroom council house because we didn't have five or more young kids in the family. Okay, understandable, but my mum said she was really snotty about it. But then, the kicker happened. She said, "And besides, because your parents are old, there's no way they'll manage the stairs."

I told my gran and she was fuming! She's fit for her age! And my grandad, at nearly 80 years old, still climbs up ladders and does his own DIY and doesn't even break a sweat.

I'm sure there are some really sweet people in the housing department, but unfortunately, me and my family have never met them.
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