mizbhaven13 (mizbhaven13) wrote in bad_service,

Another case of bad service with ultimately good results

An update to this post: http://bad-service.livejournal.com/2933239.html

I called and talked to the manager. I told him that I had heard some wonderful things about the restaurant which is one of the reasons we chose to eat there, then I told him about the long waits, the mix-up on the order and the whole thing with the tip.

He said that was not how they liked to run their business and that the waiter would be talked to about “excellent customer service.” And, since I did not receive their normal level of service, he wanted to send me a gift card, good at either location. I mentioned that I wasn’t aware of any other locations and found out that there is one other, about 2 miles from me! So, I will definitely try them out again, just at the closer place.
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