Alketaire (alketaire) wrote in bad_service,


This is only a short and gentle one. Yesterday, I was tasked with retrieving, among other things, a battery and some coin rolls for work. Where to? The dollar store down the hall, of course! I nicked a 20 from a cash drawer and went on my merry way.

When the employees there were unusually curt as they directed me to the appropriate aisles, I understood; it was when I was at the cash paying for the things that I was caught off guard by attitude.

Cashier rang me up and asked for $2.26. I pulled my $20 out of my pocket and handed it to her with a smile on my face.
She stops for a moment. "A $20 bill?" she says. "You don't have anything smaller?"
"Uhm... no, sorry..."
She scoffs, shakes her head, accepts it and dramatically counts out my change from a drawer full of all denominations of monies. I hustle off. As I'm leaving, I hear her tell the customer behind me, "Ugh. Just please don't give me a 20."

(For extra irony, I was wearing my uniform from a store that regularly accepts $100 bills for $1.40 orders.)
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