Jantra (jantra) wrote in bad_service,

I hate you, Lenovo

I'll make it short and sweet. Laptop's hinge breaks on left side. No damage done to it, not hit or dropped, just breaks clean as I'm opening the laptop.

$34 bucks to get the replacement part. Put the replacement part on. Lives for 1 week repaired, breaks again. Some of you might have read my previous post about the saga that occurs here...

...to get it professionally repaired by Lenovo. Costs 250+ bucks. Comes back, lives repaired for exactly two months. It is broken at the hinge again after it has been babied living in the same place for those two months and not really being moved around.

Thanks for not actually repairing what was broken beyond the obvious. I will never, ever buy another Lenovo product again after your 'service'.

That said, and my anger starting to calm down, anyone have a suggestion for a good new laptop with good customer service? (not a gaming laptop or anything and no netbooks or ipads, just a plain old laptop)
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