Rouk (roukzeptea23) wrote in bad_service,

I do not go to Braum's very often but sometimes I got there with my family. When I am there I like to order their limemade since it's very tasty. We went there Friday night after seeing Star Wars. Almost every time I order a limemade at a Braum's (even at different locations) I end up getting a cherry limemade. This happens at least 7 times out of 10. I just ask for a limemade, a plain limemade, or a regular limemade. I don't understand this since it seems that a limemade should obviously be without cherry since if I wanted a cherry limemade I would ask for that (the menu lists 'limemade' and 'cherry limemade'). Of course when I ordered the limemade last night I got a cherry limemade. I kindly informed to worker that I had asked for just a limemade and I wanted one without cherry (I do not like the flavor of cherry in drinks). I got my regular limemade and left but when I tasted it I found that it had no sugar in it. I love to have pretty sour limemades, but this one had absolutely no sugar in it. I was very annoyed.
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