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Yet another update.

And here I am again folks. Previous entries here and here.

Dear SFE,

Just... Go and jump in a lake somewhere and stop messing good folk around. I am tired of spending upwards of half an hour on the phone, only to be told that is "not my problem". I am sick to the back teeth of being told something, only to find out when I phone up an hour later, that that something was patently untrue. I have had it up to here of every time I need one of your people to do something which requires me to be put on hold, I go missing or end up in with another rep who has no idea of what I want or who I am, or who I came from.

Yes, it is. It is your problem. Yes, you should get staff to make notes on accounts; it could come in handy every few phone calls. And yes, it is your job. Stop sending me all over the freaking ship.

Yes, it's still happening. It's been happening since June and I cannot take it any more. Apparently, in the SFE buildings, there is a mountain of paperwork and every so often someone dips a hand in and pulls something out, only to throw it back because actually completing it would be being helpful and we can't have that, can we?

Now that's out of the way, we have good news, bad news and just... news.

Good News 1: Department of Work and Pensions held up my stuff for what is apparently a legitimate but unfortunately timed clusterfuck. There was a back log of student applications + me quitting my job + my father's pension (plus his death) + the system not designed properly = a late application processing. Although this doesn't help me, it does relieve some of the heartburn I've been experiencing non-stop for the last six months.

Good News 2: I have recieved some money from them. It's all gone now but I'll take what I can get right now. The way it works for people who don't know - you get one part to live on (the bit I recieved) and one part to pay for housing and stuff (the bit I am currently at war for). I am simplifying this, but this is what it essentially boils down to.

Bad News 1: Forms have gone missing left right and centre at the moment, at SFE, meaning I don't get anything until they pull their heads out of their arses and find a brain cell or three between them.... And my forms of course. The problem seems to be because my mother dropped her hours, you can fill out a special form which means you don't have to submit evidence until next year of your financial status. Unfortunately, any progress made previously has been lost, and there is not enough patience in the Western Hemisphere which will help me to deal with starting again. It's been two weeks, and as far as SFE are concerned I'm shit out of luck.

As a side note: nobody mentioned this form to me when I asked back in June. As far as they were concerned, it was 2009/2010 financial forms or nothing. Funnily enough, first thing My University's finance office said to me - "Have you been told about this MAGICAL form?" Stress levels skyrocketed. It would have saved so much trouble - but they didn't bother to let me know even though I mentioned this in my phone calls to them. Yet another black mark against them.

Bad News 2: My accommodation fees are due tomorrow. As far as SFE can tell me, it's likely to be at least six weeks - if not longer - until I get any money. At this rate, I'll beat my brother's record - he went in the year from hell - 2009 - and didn't get his until the second week of December. The day he broke up for the Christmas Holidays.

Bad News 3: Nationwide are fucking up big time, but that's for another post. Otherwise this one could turn out longer than ever.

Bad News 4: I have no money. I have about 28p left on my overdraft, and no way to expand it. Oh the joys of studenthood.

In other news: SAY NO TO 0870 is a UK student's best friend. And Santander. I love you, big red bank.

I used two hundred and sixteen minutes on you, Student Finance England. And you still didn't resolve my problem completely. You mess me around, you fix half the problem and seem to think that's enough and don't want to help students who are struggling. And now we have to begin again. PLease... Just stop it.

*drinks coffee*

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