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elyseo del toro

The bug in the food really wasn't the issue...

I'm not sure how to handle this from this point. I emailed the management and didn't get any response. I tried calling and no one would speak to me. Should I call the health inspector to be a complete bitch?

I wish I could give chatterbox 4 stars. Really... because the extensive menu has so many really appetizing choices, and the board games are a great idea!

Unfortunately, I had to knock them down two stars. I suppose I would consider it in the "service" category.

My companion and I arrived a little after 4:00, and we were seated immediately. I took a really long time to read through the menu and the server was patient and checked on us numerous times.

We ordered the garlic squash dip which was really, really good. Although I may be a bit biased because garlic and squash are two of my favorite things.

I got the Chatterbox burger with chicken instead of beef, and it was okay. I wasn't all that impressed. The fries were really good, though, and the red pepper sour cream they suggest for dipping is definitely worth the extra 1.50.

The person dining with me ordered the Philly Cheesesteak wrap and liked it.

I glanced at the menu we still had sitting at our table and read about the Chocolate Fondue dessert. I have a sweet tooth (I think maybe all my teeth are sweet teeth) and so I can't turn down a dessert that sounds good.

It was a good portion for the 5.95 price... two each of two different kinds of cookies, four strawberries, little rice krispie bar chunks, and little brownies.

We ate a good amount of the dessert and I offered my companion the last cookie. He was stuffed so he declined. A few moments later he said "There's a bug on the cookie."

Indeed, there was.

Gross. Okay. I ate the other one of those cookies, so I probably ate at least one of the little larva bugs when I ate it (they really blend in!) But eating a bug or two isn't going to kill me, so I didn't freak out or anything.

A man came over and asked how everything was. I said "Well, actually, there's a bug on this cookie. I just wanted to let you know, in case you want to check the other cookies." Trying not to make a big deal out of it or draw attention from other patrons (the place was starting to fill up).

I was trying to show him the bug, but he said "I'll go tell the manager," and went on to check on other tables.

The waiter came back to grab the check (I had put my card down before noticing the bug). I said "I'm not sure if that other guy told you, but there's a bug on this cookie."

I had watched the little larva-bug crawl around on the cookie because he was very hard to see. At that point he was rest in one of the cookie caves, probably tired from walking over such rocky terrain. I went to show the server the bug, but he grabbed it from me and grabbed the plate and the check.

Now, I've had other experiences in restaurants where something wasn't up to par... frozen sushi, rotten chicken, etc. After alerting the staff, some restaurants have given me the entire meal for free, but at the very least... the VERY LEAST they at least don't charge me for the offending item.

The server returned with our bill, full charged. Not another comment about the bug from him. The "manager" that the other man had said he was telling either didn't exist, was never told, or just decided to be a shitty manager and not come out to talk to us.

I really wouldn't have minded this incident if I had at least been refunded for the buggie dessert... I don't think it's our fault that we ate a good amount of the dessert before noticing the tiny bug that blended in with the cookie.

I probably wouldn't even mind if we had to pay for the whole meal, but the manager at least came out to apologize.

But really... REALLY... if I tell two people about the larva on my food and not even an official apology follows... that's when I get a bit annoyed.

We even stayed about ten minutes after getting the check back because we didn't want to wait outside for the bus. So they had plenty of time to correct their error.

I'm writing a letter to the manager, although I will probably just get a gift card for some more buggie food, if I get a response at all.

It's a shame, too, because the food is pretty good, and the portions are pretty good, and having board games to play is a GREAT idea.

Sorry Chatterbox, work on your service... and maybe your sanitation.
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