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This is another story that happen  years ago. It is pretty minor, but seem odd.  It was about five or six years ago, me and my guy friend (the same guy that wasn't allowed to use the restroom) were still going to a community college. The college was in the next town, so we had to take the bus to get there.

I was already on the bus, the bus was semi-crowded. The driver stops at one of the bus stops, I see my friend with his bike. He is clearly waiting at the stop for the bus, however, it seems like he isn't moving fast enough for the driver and the driver was pulling away from the curve. My friend is outside waving his hand to gesture the driver to wait. So, I walked over to the driver to told him to 'stop.' 

The driver does stops and my friend loads his bike on the rack. But just before he lets my friend on, the driver turns to me and goes, "You don't have to tell me what to do."

When my friend gets on, the driver starts lecturing him, telling my friend that 'he [the driver] had no idea what my friend was trying to do, etc...'
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