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Pizza Hut

Last night my friend and I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. We got a quote time of 50 minutes (which i think is kind of sad to begin with). The pizza did not arrive until 30 minutes AFTER the quote time. If that were not bad enough, the pizza guy half parked in the driveway and the street and then when he gave us the pizza he did not even talk nor told us the total. When he left he sped down the street faster than you should in a residential area.
So because of all those things combined my friend called to complain. They asked when we ordered and when it arrived and let them know it was about 30 minutes late. The guy on the phone told him that he could give him a $3 credit which equaled to $1 every 10 minutes they were late.
All in all bad service, at least to me. As well, this was the second time they were extremely late which makes it tempting to no longer order from them.

Not horrible service but still sucky.

Edit to add: Normally when I order from Dominoes, even on a Saturday, it does not take more than 45 minutes.
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