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public restroom?

Hi, newbie to the community and first post.

This happen almost a year ago during Winter Break. So, me and two friends (a guy and a girl. This actually matters) decided to go to a coffee shop near campus, Philz. The shop is known to be anti-Starbucks. We go in, I order tea, the guy orders coffee*, and the girl tries to order something strawberry flavor. The place doesn't do flavor coffees, so she goes next door to Quickly's for a strawberry smoothie. (This is not the suck or WTF.)

She comes back and we all sit at one of the tables outside the shop. A little while later, the guy needs to use the restroom and ask the cashier if he could use their's. The cashier rudely told him there was no public restroom. Odd, since not too long ago we did see some people grabbing a key from the cashier. So I go in and ask is there a restroom. The cashier was very nice and told me that the restroom was to my left and down the hall way. I asked if there was a key, the cashier all smiles replied 'no, just go ahead.'

My girlfriend and I go where the cashier pointed me to...there was a Men's and a Women's. O.o

*The guy was the one who paid for all the drinks. So it could not be that the cashier didn't consider him a paying customer.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, coffee/doughnuts/bagels, dick and balls are still there, maybe they were zombies
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