charuby (charuby) wrote in bad_service,

Can't you see I'm on the phone?

I'm a cashier so know what it feels like to be threatened/shouted at by customers, so I never do it, not even if the cashier/waiter/whoever is rude. I can tolerate most things anyway. I try not to take it personally if a cashier isn't that pleasant.

However, I'm glad I found this community because now I can rant and not be a *rude customer* I so utterly despise. I probably won't post here much, because half the time the cashiers are just doing their jobs etc.


This didn't happen to me, but my mum. It's only short.

We pulled into a gas station. As my mum is putting petrol in the tank, I glance towards the shop and see the cashier serving a customer WHILE he is on the phone. The man he is serving looks irate and storms off, so I'm guessing at this point that he wasn't having an important phonecall with the manager or another customer, but that it was a casual call to his friend/girlfriend.

My mum goes in and gets served and he's still on the phone chatting away. My mum is not the confrontational sort (I take after her!) so she comes out smiling as if he was the best cashier ever lol. I said to her, "Was he talking to the manager or a friend?"

She said,

"He was talking to a friend. Bless him!"

What does everyone think about cashiers talking to their friends while they are serving customers? Would you say something, complain to a manager, or thank them and walk away?

I'd thank them and walk away. While I absolutely don't agree with it, I also don't like to cause a scene!
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