Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bad_service,

Medical suck.

I was referred to a speciality clinic by my doctor. The clinic does not accept insurance and I have had to pay everything out of pocket.

The first visit cost me $1,650 and I had a battery of tests to figure out the root cause of my medical problems.

The second visit cost $600 and that was three days ago.

It turns out that my body makes too many catecholamines (norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine). I also have a high aldosterone to renin ratio. Renin is an enzyme that control blood pressure.

I have high risk of depression and high risk of anxiety, and there was some chemical found in my urine that is found in antidepressants and stimulants.

There might be more but I don't have any lab work at the moment, and I will get into that later.

According to the clinic doctor, I can never be on antidepressants. I asked the doctor what the solution is to my problem, and he told me that my heart is too small and that I need to ditch all of my meds, exercise, and take in 10,000mg of sodium a day.

I told him that this is a bad idea. I told him that I have a long history of hypertension and that all this extra sodium is bad for me.

He called in two more doctors who told me the same thing and that if I could not do this program, that there was nothing more they can do for me.

I asked him about catecholamine blockers and he said no, the only thing to be done is this exercise program.

My blood pressure has been pretty bad lately and I went to my GP yesterday. He told me that there is a drug to block cathecholamines called Clonidine. He is willing to give it to me but wants to see my medical records because he wants to make sure that this is the right thing for me. He also referred me to an Endocrinologist, which I think is a good way to go.

I called the clinic the day after my appointment and asked if I could get my records. The clinic said no. My records aren't available and the main doctor is out of the country. He has to sign off on them and cannot be released without his signature.

I doubt I am going back there. I'm upset and frustrated that I've nearly emptied out my bank account just for a doctor to tell me to exercise. Oh, and that small heart thing? They have no idea what it looks like. They didn't do an Echo, how can he say that?

It sounds like such bad medical advice. The adrenaline is causing vasoconstriction, and the renin is causing even more vasoconstriction. Does it really sound safe to take in all that salt to constrict my blood vessels even more so, and the exercise on top of it all while under no medication at all? No.

I pay $2,250 for a doctor who tells me to eat 10,000mg of sodium daily, quit all of my medications, and exercise despite chronic hypertension. He also tells me I have a small heart without even doing an Echo. Doctor refuses to do anything else for me.
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