Buffalo in a China Shop (rinnychan) wrote in bad_service,
Buffalo in a China Shop

Why my back molars are forever cursed.

Back when I was in high school, I worked in an ice cream shop. This meant that I got free, unlimited ice cream, and had some every shift...sometimes a lot of it. As a result, when I went to the dentist just before leaving for college, they told me I had four (4) cavities in my back bottom molars, facing each other on both sides. On this particular day, the regular dentist wasn't in, and the substitute offered to take care of it then and there. And so we did.

Six months later, while away at college, one of my white fillings COMES OUT while flossing. I can't just run home to see the dentist, even though the original one offered to fix it free of charge, so I seek out a local dentist.

Later, I'll find out that this woman has been sued for malpractice and a slew of other things, but at the time I didn't know this. She was just the only dentist close enough for me to get to. She was a terror, honestly; the type to not care she was hurting you and keeping your head tilted back even when you were gagging. She looked at my teeth and told me that the original dentist had never gotten all of the rot out of the cavities; she had to remove the fillings and do it all again. Afterward, I was in near-constant pain for about three weeks. And when she drilled out the cavities, she created a huge gap between two of my teeth that will forevermore be where food goes to die, and probably makes me susceptible to even MORE cavities.

A few years after I got the cavities filled, I noticed that one molar was turning grey while the other seemed to have a black spot near my filling. Every time I tried to bring these up at appointments, she wouldn't look at them and would just send me home.

By the time I was finally able to see a new dentist, those teeth were starting to hurt. He gave me xrays, looked at the teeth and told me that SHE had never gotten rid of all the rot either, and that if I waited much longer to get them fixed, I was going to need root canals. He took out the fillings again, drilled even deeper, and gave me silver fillings (that WON'T have a life span of a couple years, unlike white fillings).

Basically, tl;dr...one lousy dentist caused me to have to get the same procedure done three times.
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