kilaen (kilaen) wrote in bad_service,

I live in Connecticut. We got hit pretty hard by the storm, and were out of power for 8 days. We ran out of wood for the fireplace on the fourth day and went to a place that specifically cuts wood. They gave us a load of wood and some starter scraps. When the wood was delivered, nobody was home, but I wanted to start a fire. I put some of the wood in the fireplace and used some of the starter wood, which included a rather thin and light 2 by 4. I didn't ask questions: I just wanted to get warm.

About 30 minutes later, I realized that the 2 by 4 wasn't burning and was making a funny smell. I got a tool and took it out. Immediately I was flooded with awful, toxic smelling smoke, that made me feel dizzy. I dropped it and had to sit on the ground, that's how powerful it was. It was still smoldering, so I dumped it outside in the snow. Later, I went out to it when it was less hot, and I realized that I could peel off the wood looking part. It had something that looked like some sort of plastic on the inside.

I could've sworn wood cut places are supposed to sell wood.

Here is a picture of what I tried to burn, whatever it is. 

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