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Dear BJs Wholesale,

My reasonable request is not unreasonable BJs wholesale.

At the end of October I turned 30 (hooray birthday!) I came home from work one day to find a package for me on the front porch. I drag it inside (it was heavy) and open it up. It’s a beautiful 12 piece Pyrex cooking pan set, a surprise birthday present from my dad.

I’m looking at the gift invoice and notice something interesting, hmm the invoice says this should be a sixteen piece set. I check if maybe there are some spoons or anything included, nope. I look up the item number on their website and hey, where my box has a big 12 in the corner, there’s has a 16. Ok so it’s the wrong item, seriously, not a big deal mistakes happen. But hey, I still want the better item, you know the one that was ordered and paid for. So I call the service line. I explain the situation. They tell me I’m out of luck and they don’t do exchanges, and that the only way to get the item ordered in the first place was to return the wrong one, and then they would issue a refund to the card and the item would have to be ordered again.

I explain that this item was a gift, bringing the wrong item back to the post office is not a big deal, calling up my dad and explaining that the item that he ordered for me, out of nothing but kindness, is wrong and that he should look for a credit and re-order me the item. My parents still work, they’re busy, I realize that this probably wouldn’t take long, but it’s an inconvenience based on no fault of our own. I tell them if it will help I will be happy to send back the incorrect item first, so that they have it at the warehouse before the correct item goes out, nope. I ask if I can please speak to a supervisor. At no point have I lost my temper, or even raised my voice, I just think they’re being unreasonable. I get put on hold, I wait and wait and wait. Original customer service rep is back, wait didn’t I just ask for her supervisor? Oh okay, *you* spoke to your supervisor, I actually kind of wanted to, they’ll see if there’s anything they can do and call me back. I give them my email and telephone number. I request that they please email me, and not the contact email, as I’d rather sort this out without my dad finding out. Yes of course. Okay, I’m willing to bend here, I know that she doesn’t have the authority to make a call on this, that’s not her fault. I thank her and hang up.

Guess who never calls, and emails the return tag to my dad’s email address even after I specifically asked them not to. So I call again today, I give them the same spiel only this time including that I have not been contacted back. A lady looks up my information, can see original complaint/request ticket. She doesn’t know why nobody has contacted me. I explain again that I think they should bend the rules, I mean the customer is certainly not always right, but hey you sent me something that I didn’t order, it was like if I ordered a deluxe version and you sent me the standard version. I get put on hold, and wait and wait and wait. Finally they come back, there’s still nothing we can do. Okay, that’s unreasonable in my mind, you messed up and you’re telling me that to reach the desired result is going to take all this extra effort, when it is your fault. So I tell them I understand what you’re saying, but see if you can see where I’m coming from. No sympathy from them. I explain again, this was a gift, she tells me well what we could do is refund the card, have me send back the item and they will issue me a giftcard for the amount. Ok now I think we're getting somewhere, but then she drops the bomb, but you can't use the giftcard on items from the website O_o I explain that not only do I not have a BJs in my area, that I wasn't a member and therefore even with a giftcard would not be allowed to enter the store.

So I tell them this isn’t the path I want to go down, but if it comes to it I will call my dad and have him do a chargeback to his card and I will keep the item. If someone sends you something you didn’t order or agree to pay for it is considered yours to keep. I say hey, if I do that then you’re out the money *and* the product, so really it is in your best interest to work with me. There’s a long pause, then she says let me speak to my supervisor again. I say okay. Now the smart thing would be to work with me at this point, but no. They say there’s nothing we can do, we’ve issued a return tag to your email though. I tell them thanks and have a nice day. I can my dad, and tell him what happens. He does a chargeback. So in the end I guess it turned out to be good service. Thanks for my free pans BJs, I’m sure I’ll enjoy them.
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