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Hate for U-Haul Like a Burning Fire in my Soul

So I just got off the phone with a U-Haul representative. This in itself was a minor miracle, as U-Haul obviously does not like to answer its phone, judging by the six unanswered calls during working hours I made today. What made it worse though, was the absolutely bitchy woman on the other end of the call. I wasn't very happy already when I called, after all that time staring into space while my calls rang unanswered or I listened to hold music, but I was going to try and be nice. This chick wouldn't even let me finish my sentences when I asked to check on my reservation.

Apparently, not only do they not guarantee the location where I can pick my truck up at, they won't even let me know what time it is until the day before. Argh! If I'd known that ahead of time, I wouldn't have even gone with them, but I did and now it's too late to change. I have a driver coming at 1:30, but if I don't get the truck till noon, I'm totally screwed. And I won't know until the day before. I tried to ask if there was a ballpark estimate she could give me, or anything I could do to help ensure I'd get a truck early in the day (I made the reservation weeks ago), but she, in her obviously patented "You're stupid and I'm a bitch" voice, just kept repeating that they weren't going to confirm anything before the day before the move. Ugh! I'm so angry, but I don't think there's even anything I can do.
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