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Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Bad service gone worse.

My mom renewed her deal with Rogers. I don't know the specifics of whether or not she signed a contract, or what since she's been with them for years (so IMHO, I don't know why she would need to lock into a year, or whatnot), but she has telephone service, tv and internet with them.

Recently (last Thursday) we went out of city to my graduation, and she found she couldn't access her answering machine the normal way she has for years. She called them, and they told her, no you're doing it wrong, and gave her a new number. Confused, she followed the instructions and found out the rep didn't know what he was talking about, and sent her to the line to LEAVE a message for a Rogers number.

Annoyed, she called back and re-explained the problem. I wasn't on the phone so I don't know exactly what went down, but I know the Rogers rep admitted it was an error on their side asked if they could reset the machine to see if that worked. My mom adamantly refused. She said, that is was important that they not reset the messages, they would have to find an alternative, or advise her if there were none. Above everything else do not delete the messages, she reiterated like five times when I was sitting in the hotel room.

The reason for this was my grandfather, who was a major part of our lives (especially my mom's) died around the beginning of this year and there were messages she was saving with his voice in them. If she knew there were no alternatives she would've tried to find if there was a way to extract the messages through another method (and even paid for it), or at least had time to come to terms with it, or something.

Last she heard, they would call her before doing anything and let her know.

To her surprise, she tried to check her messages today and found that Rogers has CLEARED all the messages and reset the answering machine on her. Obviously, she's quite upset, and wants to leave Rogers completely, but I expect some resistance.

I know it's less of a problem if she didn't agree to a contract, but is there any way to get out of a contract in this kind of case where Rogers goofed so much, disregarding the customers direct request, or is she up the creek so to speak? FYI, this is in Canada. Any advice, or leads would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: If there's any way to restore it too, she will stay. She doesn't know who to ask, or what to ask, and I doubt the common bottom rung rep would have authorization or the knowledge to do it.

Edit #2: Called Rogers, they said they're not able to do anything. They would waive the cancellation fee (after telling me they don't do that) but only if we were moving out of service. Why? Because we're choosing to cancel our services, but when we're moving we're not. Bwuh!? Every company I've been to, if you're moving, it's too bad, so sad, you pony up the difference in your contract. Now, Rogers screwed up and they said, sorry, we don't do that here.

I pointed out maybe HE can't do it, or that maybe they don't do it often, but please don't tell me they don't do it at all, because that's BS. It went around in circles, they can't restore the messages (no surprise there), and they're very sympathetic and understanding, but there's nothing they can do. No waiving of fees, no discounts/anything as a way of saying, "we're sorry we effed up." I'm not looking for handouts, but I'm looking for something to return with to tell my mom that Rogers Canada, at least has some decency to offer something as a show of good faith, and to admit they screwed up. All they can say is that they did goof, and they're sorry.

I guess she'll be moving to TekSavvy like the husband and I asap :(

And no luck on Twitter yet either, but still holding out just incase.
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