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Bad Service at Doctor's Practice

So this happened to me earlier today and I am still fuming. 

So I have both Pernicious Anemia and Hypothyroid.. This is important to the bad service.. anyway I have to go and get a b12 shot every month. If I don't.. eventually my organs will shut down. For whatever reason taking b12 in pill form doesn't get absorbed and I get horrendous stomach pains from taking vitamins orally. I've been going to my doctor for five years and I've been getting my b12 shots there pretty much since I've been going there. It's a pretty big practice with multiple doctors but my whole family (My cousin and her husband, and then my mother and my two sisters) all go there so I know all of the nurses and doctors respectively. Yesterday I got my b12 per normal (Yipeee) and I go to the desk like normal to make my appointment for the next month. 

I would love to pre-make the appointments a couple of months in advance but because they have so many patients they say they want to keep room for emergencies and patience which I get. Yes it's annoying but that's not the suck. It's a new nurse and she is the one taking appointments. She is talking to someone on the phone and I step away from the reception desk as I don't want to overhear something about a patient. I find that rude. Once she is done I step up and smile and hold out my phone to put the appointment in my phone so I don't forget it like I have done in the past. (Both conditions make you muggy headed and effects your short term memory) I smile and say "Hi I'm kekekins, I have to  make an appointment for exactly a month for a b12 shot." 

She doesn't acknowledge me at all and I repeat myself. My mother raised to be polite and never demanding and she would be horrified if she ever saw me be anything but the lady she raised me to be. I look around and she still hasn't acknoweldged me and she is on the computer so I repeat myself. I don't raise my voice or take a impatient inflection in my voice

Me: Obviously me
RL: Reception Lady.. If I could call her that. 

Me: Um Can I please make an appointment for a month to get my b12 shot? My doctor requests it each month.
RL: I am busy. You wait your turn.
Me: I'm so sorry. (Blushing at this)
RL:Health Card.. (I hand it and she violently rips it from my fingers... 
RL: We don't have any room. Why don't you not waste this practices time and just do it yourself.
Me: Um because she needs to alter the level every o ther month. I am not trying to be a pain, but is there any availability at all?
RL: No. We have other patients you know.

i step away before the lady mask slips and I smile and I say I will email my doctor later on that day and see if I should go to a walk in clinic to get my shot.

She glares at me and mutters about how she has to deal with people looking for drugs. So b12 is not exactly a drug that you can take and get high. I get sleepy sure and my lips don't turn blue and you know It keeps me alive, but sure I am just jonesing for a fix.

Luckily the older receptionist overheard this and informed my doctor and I got a message on my home phone by the time I got there saying I had an appointment for the next month and she can't wait to hear about my date that we had been discussing as she readied the needle.

I hope she isn't there at the end of November because I swear I will make sure I am so polite she can choke on it!  

Edit: So My Mom called the doctor's office and spoke to the office manager Brooke and had a long discussion and apparently according to Brook, this receptionist had been turning people away with real medical problems since they hired her. Even a women who was complaining of spotting and suffered a miscarriage and was told that it wasn't serious enough to take one of the practices emergency appointments they keep open. So she was fired and was served today. I guess karma is a bitch! 
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, bedside manners, first do no harm?, you gotta speak up
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