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Ruby Tuesday Waitress Suck

I'm going to preface this rant with stating that I've never gone to Ruby Tuesday before, and if any of this is part of their service policy or whatever (though I can't understand why if it is) I am fully prepared to eat crow.

Cut for length.

Anyway. Not too long ago, my dad, brother, and I were out and about and decided to grab a bite to eat. Not having had it before, we decide to check out Ruby Tuesday's. We get in, and are seated pretty promptly by the lady at the front, who tells us our server would be right over. This was in that twilight time between lunch and dinner, so there were only a couple other single people within sight. Our server comes by with some waters, takes our orders, then heads towards the back. Pretty par for the course so far.

After that we wait. And wait. And wait some more. It was a hot day that day so the water was gone pretty instantly, and we didn't see our waitress at all. In fact, we didn't see her again until she comes to bring out food out, a good fifteen minutes or so. After she sets down our plates she asks if everything was alright, and I remind her that we haven't gotten our drinks yet. She apologizes and leaves. Until she came back with our check. A good hour later. We didn't notice at first because we were chatting and talking, enjoying each other's company. After a while we started realizing, hey... we haven't seen our waitress in half of forever, and we STILL haven't gotten our drinks. At one point my brother got up to use the bathroom, and when he got back he said he saw the waitress chatting with one of the people working behind the bar.

Finally she arrives and drops off the bill, telling us the usual server spiel that we don't need to worry about paying for it yet, yadda yadda. My dad caught sight of the bill and asked why she charged us for the drinks we never got. She looked confused and said we did get our drinks, and we indicated the empty water glasses. She took the bill back and said she'll fix it, and did come back with the cost of the drinks taken off. She leaves it on the table and walks off. Then, feeling awfully suspicious at this point, kept an eye on the time until she got back to take his bill. It was almost 20 minutes she was gone (with my dad's credit card!) until she came back. We probably should have asked why she was leaving us alone for so long, but at that point we were tired and irritated so we just left.

I have to say, this is the first time I ever felt like I was forgotten about in a restaurant. The food was okay, but the experience left a metaphorical bad taste in my mouth that I doubt I'd be returning.
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