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Bad Service to Good

I saw so many mentions of bad service when it comes to internet that it reminded me of this.. 

 A year ago our internet went completely out. In my house this is as serious as a heart attack and immediately I am yelled at by my older sister to call and figure out what's up. I call in and do the normal information retelling and I get transfered a few times until I am stuck. Apparently their records don't match what we have and so I am told to call the next day when the supervisor is in. Whatever fine. What I didn't know was that my sister called in herself because she can't do her farmville and that's not ok with her. Apparently she is extremely rude to them. (This is her personality and I do not condone talking down to people who are trying to help you and being rude also never gets you anywhere especially with bell) and so she tells me that it will take them a week to get someone in. Um.. what? So I call in and I have the most patience to deal with Bell. 

So I get transfered and thankfully this time our information matches up and I find out that it's a block wide outtage thing and that a technician will be sent to our house later that day because as I was so understanding. (I made sure my voice was as calm and happy as a disney princess) No suck yet.. but it's coming. 

So Bell technician comes and my dog is throwing himself at the door and we had this nifty thing where I could open the window in the door and stick my head out and say I will be right with you I am locking my dog in my room upstairs so he can come in and out of the house as needed. He snarls at me that my dog should e controlled better. Um what? But I brush it off and smile and haul Mini Horse upstairs I come back downstairs and I explain the problem and show him the modem and I have my computer and my other sisters since I have a mac and usually they are stumped by it unless you have a mac expert. He says he doesn't touch the computers in a harsh way and I shrug and continue on telling him the issues we have been having.  He keeps on interupting me by checking his phone and basically not listening. Our phone lines had been wonky for a bit and if you hold the phone and move it in a circle it crackles and I show him this. He barks at me that it's not his problem and I am starting to feel it's going to be one of those visits. 

He fiddles around with his equipment while I am standing there dumbfounded so far on how he doesn't seem to want to fix things but I struggle to be the normally calm self. He asks where the junction box or our lines are? I tell them that they are  outside and I have absolutely no idea. They moved it because it kept on getting hit by lightning and had blown our electronics and phonelines multiple times. I tell him this and he huffs and says he can't help me then and picks up his stuff and leaves without another word. 

I try to chase him and say it's probably outside and it's mid afternoon so there is enough light out to see where things are. He basically yells that if I am not willing to help him he can't do anything and gets in his truck. I reply that I will be calling his supervisor because his attitude was not ok.. 

I call Bell immediately and get through the lines pretty quickly and talk to a supervisor who was horrified. (I made them look up our account, we have had bell for about 30 plus years and have had the most expensive internet packages since they had some) Finally the supervisor looks at our account and see's that it's not the outtage but really just that the automatic payment was turned off and we owed them two months of payment. This always happens, My mom travels and the bank will think her purchases are fraudulent and cancel that card without letting her know or you know finding out whether they are her purchases or not. 

DO you know how long that took? Three minutes. I didn't need to be talked to by that technician and I who never really complain actually requested to make a note that he was the worst technician we've ever had. We were given a stronger signal for free after not having internet for a few days. It wasn't bad enough to stop me from using bell, but I've made sure to never have that technician again. 

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