saanrio (saanrio) wrote in bad_service,

Sorry I asked you to do your job properly... ?

I suppose this is more of an annoying WTF than anything else, but it has been bothering me all day.

I went to get some groceries at my local Wal-Mart, and at first, everything with the cashier was fine. She said hello, smiled a little, about what I expect. I started putting my groceries in my cart after she had bagged them, and had to put the first bag in a second bag because a corner of one of the items had ripped the bag all the way down the front and it almost fell apart just going from the bagging area to the cart. I looked over and noticed she was over-filling the other bags the same. So, I re-bagged the one in front of me that was about to burst and politely asked her to please not fill them so full. I was nice about it, said "excuse me" and "please", said it with a smile, and pointed out the tearing she had done to the bag with a corner of a box of Cheez-Its.

While she did move things around and not fill the rest of the bags so full, she didn't say another word to me, and when I looked up and held out my hand for my receipt and said "thank you" she slapped the receipt down on the top of the bagging area and ignored me. I guess she was mad because I pointed out that in her haste, she was doing things wrong and guaranteeing that I would have had groceries rolling down my driveway to the street if I had not done/said something about it?

Unfortunately, I did not get a survey code on that receipt, since I think that may be the only feedback that retailer bothers to listen to. Previous complaints about various things have gone ignored (including the entire display of bagged carrots in the produce section being dried out and three weeks out of date. I went back the next day and they were STILL THERE. Eww......).

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