Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

My husband has a heart condition that he takes daily meds for. We get it filled at WalMart because they have the best price on it. (And when all you have is a health care spending account, you try to pay for as much out of pocket as possible.)

Normally, one of his meds is $32 and the other falls under the $4 generic thing. $36 is way better than the $92 we were initially paying at Walgreens. Last month, we went to pick up his script and the woman at the register gave us the price as $77. We've been paying $36 for a year, so this is a surprise. (The $4 one was the same price, but the $32 one had doubled.)

My husband asked the woman why the price was different. He asked to check if it was the right med as he'd been paying $36 for a year and having it double in one month was kind of weird. She cut him off and said it went up. He started asking why it went up, when the woman huffed and went back behind the shelves to talk to the pharmacist.

She came back and said she'd give him the old price THIS time but that's it. (Which isn't necessarily what he wanted. He mostly wanted to know why there was a price increase, or even if they forgot to give him the generic he usually gets.)

Seeing this was a lost cause, we bought his meds and left.

Fast forward to this week. It's time to get it filled again. Time to pay and the price is....$36. The hell? The woman ringing us up this time couldn't tell us why we were asked to pay $73 for the one med last time as it's been $32 for as long as she's known. She had no answers for us at all.

So, random price increase and then decrease and a woman that didn't even want to let us check to make sure we were getting the right med. Yeah.

Still wish I knew what was going on.

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