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WWE - Never again.

This is a copy of an email I sent to the WWE Shop explaining my frustrations.  Am I in the wrong here?  Did I demand too much?


I placed an order on the 25th and then got an email in the
evening telling me my entire order would be held back as one of the items
was out of stock.  Up to 30 days.  Needless to say, I called and cancelled that order
and then placed another order on the 26th, minus the item that was out of stock.  I then
got ANOTHER email 9 hrs later telling me that one of the other items I wanted (that
wasn't out of stock on the first order) was now out of stock and I'd
have to wait for that item to come in for my order to ship.  Afraid
that by cancelling and placing another order again I would lose yet another
item by going out of stock, I decided to wait for the out of stock
item.  I called in and was told that the item would come in today
and that my shipping would be upgraded at no charge so I could get the
item by Saturday.  I also told to call back in the morning to make sure
the item came in. 

When I called back today, I was told that the headbands were still
not in stock for a couple more days and I'd have to wait.  I asked for a
shipping discount, considering I paid for 2 day shipping in order to
get the item before Halloween, and I was obviously not going to get it
by the time it said I would.  (The site said that by the latest I'd get
it by Saturday, and I was told on the phone, by Monday at the latest.)  I
was denied this.

So yes, I'm not very happy about my shopping experience.

I should not be allowed to order an item that is out of stock.  You
guys need to find someway to update your inventory system accurately so
that people aren't ordering out of stock items.  I mean,  I had two of
my orders held back two days in a row.  That's not a very good track
record, and I can only imagine how other people are having the same

2.)  If someone does order an item that is out of stock, you should
not hold back their entire order until it comes back in stock.  That's a
cheap way to save money on shipping.  You should at least give the
option to have the customer ship out the rest of their order and wait on
the item that is out of stock.

3.)  I don't think I should pay 18.99 for 2 day shipping considering my
order was not shipped in a timely manner.  For all the trouble I went
through to place an order (4 calls, 2 orders, 3 emails), it just makes
good business sense to make your customer happy.  I own a small business
myself, and it's hard economic times.  You want to make your customers
as happy as possible in order to ensure return shopping.  And I'm sure
WWE isn't immune to a bad economy.

At this point, I really don't see myself ordering from WWE Shop
again, nor recommending it to any of my friends.  I know no-one is
really going to bother reading this nor take me seriously, but I thought
I'd give it a shot to at least try at reach some reasonable human out
there on the other end.

Thanks for your time,

Deborah Margarella

PS. My respective order #s: N7220779, N7219800 (should be cancelled)."



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