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So. I, among a million billion people pre-ordered the iPhone 4S. I haven't ever pre-ordered a phone, but wanted to make sure I had this one to upgrade from my old 3GS. I pre-ordered, and was EXCITED.

Except Monday at 4:30pm when I got an "update" email telling me I'd get my phone in 21-28 days. WHAT. Why pre-order when I was waiting that late? Yeah yeah, very popular was the iPhone but that's why I pre-ordered.

I snorked around for better options & found out I could reserve my specific model at an Apple store to pick up Tuesday morning. HECK YES, so I did so and called AT&T to cancel my order. The nice lady I talked to told me that I couldn't cancel because their point-of-sales company AT&T Premier was showing my phone was shipped but NO tracking number - which meant it actually could not be shipped. I'd have to call AT&T Premier the next day since they were closed.

I woke up early the next day so I could get this mess sorted out to get my phone. I called AT&T Premier and was told this: "OH! Good news! Your order has been processed and ready to be put on the truck!" I thought to myself, yay and asked how long THAT would take. OH, getting it from processed to the truck could take 1-2 weeks. What? I then asked to cancel my order. She said she couldn't do that - the only way to do that was to wait until I had a tracking number (in 1-2 weeks) , call Fed-Ex and tell them I was rejecting the order. And added that AT&T said they couldn't cancel iPhone pre-orders. I did ask - aren't I talking to AT&T Premier?? She said yes but they didn't dictate what AT&T told them to do...aagh. You're AT&T, but not really, and my order is processed and ready to ship but not really as well?

In frustration, I called AT&T customer service and finally demanded, insistently and firmly, the could in fact cancel my order since it wasn't even close to shipped. The agent scoffed at my telling him I could get a phone instore that day, but merrily cancellation my order in 10 minutes. At least HE was nice & helpful about it.

Needless to say I got my new iPhone in the Apple store 45 minutes after the end of that phone call. No THANK YOU AT&T.
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