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My fiancee and I went out to eat last night at Happy Chef. Normally, we love happy chef. We know most of the staff, and the menu - useually..

Last night, it was about 9:00pm. We went in and waited. and waited. It was about 9:15 before we actually got seated, and it wasn't even "seating". She looked at us and said "Go pick a seat." We then waited another 10 minutes for WATER. Afterward she was pretty prompt with our appitizer, but then she gave me a bunch of shit about the menu. The menu we were given was the menu for after 11:00pm. It said so RIGHT on the menu. I asked if I could see the full menu, since it was only about 9:30 and she said that "That menu is for early evening dining. Its our late night dining now."

mm.. So, I sucked it up and asked more questions about the menu that was avalible:
Me: Me! Wow.
Her: Her, Again, wow.

Me: So there is no way I can get a french dip tonight? I know its normally avalible for the menu thats useually given out before 11:00.
Her: No. You'll have to order something else and change it to be a french dip. You'll still be charged for whatever you order though. (The french dip is $6.25, everything else on this menu was over $7.00. O.x)
Me: Alright.. Well, whats similar then to the french dip? (the menu didn't have anything that I could see)
Her: Philly cheese steak sub is close. Its mostly roast beef and then a whole lot of onion, cheese, sauce, mayonase. and it has the au jus sauce for dipping. Its $7.50.
Me: Alright then, I want a Philly cheese steak sub with nothing on it but the roast beef, and then I would like the au jus sauce on the side.
Her: So what, you don't want the onions, cheese, peppers, myyonase, or sauce?
Me: No, like I said, I just kinda wanted something similar to a french dip.
Her: Alright, fine. Whatever. You'll still be charged for the philly cheese steak.
Me: Okay dokie.
- insert fiancee ordering -

So the rest of my meal went fine, and dandy. The ohilly cheese steak sub (AKA french dip) was great, and my fiancees food was awesome. I was mildly miffed abotu her little tiff about the sandwhich, but nothing big.

Anyway, about a half hour later, our check arrives.
Low and behold what does the ticket say? French dip. What was I charged for? French dip.
*twitch* Wtf?

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